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Slam the door on scammers by being a cautious consumer

    Don’t be tricked into paying a bill you don’t owe. Phony debt collection attempts rank among the most…

Mississippians shine when it comes to charitable giving

    Mississippians dig deeper in their pockets when it comes to giving. We always rank high in national surveys…

Of memories and thanksgiving

We are always reminded to “live in the moment” and “make the most of each day.” And, that is certainly…

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Who We Are

    The Electric Cooperatives of Mississippi serves as the unified voice of all electric cooperatives in Mississippi. While we do not generate or distribute power, we represent the people who do, the 25 electric power associations and one generation-and-transmission electric power association. We function as a united service organization for the mutual benefit of all electric power associations and their members.

    The association’s staff is composed of skilled professionals who provide a wide range of specialized services to member-systems at a state level. The services are designed to assist local systems in serving their own members more effectively and economically.

    Among the areas of the association’s expertise are: a government relations program that monitors legislative action on the state and national levels; member relations; programs that emphasize youth involvement and leadership; safety and loss control programs; employee training programs; communications and public relations, including the publishing of Today in Mississippi (the largest circulated publication in the state) which has a circulation of 472,300; employee credit union; coordination of insurance programs; and much more.

    Our most important function is representing the more than 784,300 members who receive their electric service from an electric power association. In a cooperative manner, we are committed to ensuring that each member is provided quality electric service at the least possible cost. It is with this commitment that we join forces with each association in doing collectively what cannot be accomplished individually.

Electric Cooperatives of Mississippi
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