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What is a Cooperative?

What is an electric cooperative?

An electric cooperative is a democratic organization. It conducts annual membership meetings, at which the member/owners --- the consumers it serves --- elect a board of directors from among their membership. The directors elect their own officers and employ a CEO/general manager to run the daily operations of the cooperative. Thus, employees are responsible to the manager, the manager is responsible to the board, and the board is responsible to the membership at large. As you can see, the customers of an electric cooperative --- the member/owners --- have the final say in the operation of the cooperative.


In the 1930s, many people predicted that electric cooperatives had no future at all....those who said that rural people could not afford electricity, and could not find it very useful even if they had it. Obviously, the rural electric cooperative concept was much stronger than these gloomy voices of despair.

Much of the progress, economic and social, that has come about in rural Mississippi can be traced almost directly to the creation of electric cooperatives. And that progress continues. Each electric cooperative is an inspiring example of neighbors working with neighbors to make the quality of life better for the entire community. And for us, improving community life means going beyond our primary responsibility to provide dependable electric services at competitive prices.

For more than 75 years, Mississippi’s electric cooperatives have played a vital role in the growth and development of our great state. But our work is not done. We are making plans for tomorrow’s electricity demand today, in order to ensure a dependable supply for the future.

We welcome challenges. Through good times and bad.

We welcome opportunities. From the struggles of the past to the unlimited potential of the future. It’s a public responsibility we take seriously, but it’s also a personal commitment we take to heart.

Because we are the heart of Mississippi.

Electric Cooperatives of Mississippi
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